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《 Intoroduction Shihan

Okinawa Kyokushin Shihan Yasuhiro Shichinohe


1961 Born in Aomori Prefecture(North Japan)

         Practiced baseball in Junior High School.

         Started Karate in High School.


1980 Having graduated from High School, he moved to Tokyo, where enrolled in the

         Kyokushinkaikan Houbu, under Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.(Tokyo, Ikebukuro)


1981 Obtained Shodan.


1988 Sousai Masutatsu Oyama appointed him Branch Chief of Okinawa Prefecture.


1993 Obtained Godan from Sosai Masutatsu Oyama.


2004 Obtained Nanaden from All Japan Kyokushin Union.


2006 Became Member of the Board of the All Japan Kyokushin Union(International Dept.)

The first time he took part in a tournament was in 1980, it was the 12th All Japan Karate Open Tournament.

Except for the 13th he consecutively took part in this tournament till the World Tournament in1996.

The last time he took part in a tournament was in 1999.

In the 16th All Japan Karate Open Tournament he was awarded the Best Spirited Fighter Prize.

In the 18th he obtained 5th place, in the 21st he obtained 8th place, 24th and 25th he obtained 4th place.

In the All Japan Weight Division Tornament, he won 4 times the Heavy Weight Title and once became the Runner-up.

Every 4 years the World Tournament is held. In the 4th World Tournament(1987) he obtained 7th place, in the 5th he obtained 7th place, in the 6th he placed with the Best 16.

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